Frederick Chipkin of Kew Gardens NY has earned inclusion in the 2008

edition of Who's Who in America and in the 2008 Edition of Who's Who in the world.

Frederick's biography has been included in Who's Who Since 2004. To be chosen

for inclusion, candidates must have held a position of responsibility or have attained a

significant achievement. Frederick graduated Parsons School of design with a BFA

 in surface design. A textile designer for Liz Claiborne, Bernard Chaus, Manager

CAD dept. I Appel, Owner of Design Society Textile Design studio, and most recently

Owner of Origin inc.Textile Design studio, Fredericks career has spanned 20 years in

the industry.Frederick is best known for his book "Adobe PhotoShop for textile design".

Front cover of Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design

About his book

Frederick wrote his book "Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design" in 2001

and has been continuously updating it ever since. As of  2008 "Adobe Photoshop

for Textile Design" is in its seventh edition.  The main focus of Frederick's

book is to enable the textile designer to accomplish all the essential tasks of

textile design without the use of a proprietary program or plugins. It guides

you through step by step techniques for creating color combinations, repeats,

color reduction of a tonal (watercolor) design and simple woven effects.

There's also a section on how to use  layers to create quick color combinations.

There is a CD included with the book that contains color charts and practice images.

Topics covered

Selection and Fill Tools (the basics)

Filling with a solid color

Cleaning your textile design

Basic color reduction for textiles in Adobe PhotoShop

Advanced color reduction for tonal textile designs

Coloring your textile design

Editing a textile design

Half drop and square Repeats

Creating a plaid

Mini bodies

Color reduction of a tonal textile design

Photo Draping a textile design onto a body or object

How to use the color charts included on the CD


As a step by step tutorial Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design leads

you through in an organized and effective way and leaves you armed

with key concepts and versatile design techniques so that you

have the freedom to experiment and create.




May 2010: Frederick has  just started teaching at CraftEdu, an online learning center.  


CLICK HERE to visit Frederick on CraftEdu

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