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Colorings? Repeats? Give us a call!

You can Reach Our textile stylist Rimma at (718) 544-2754

Or Email Rimma at origininc@gmail.com






Our textile design studio is well versed in concept development, repeats, colorings, mini bodies (yes, we can do a fashion sketch) & presentation boards. In other words all aspects of textile design

Our design experience includes creating textiles for Apparel (women's & men's), Home Furnishings, Outdoor Furnishings, Over the counter textiles & Hangtag design.

You can trust us with your design projects. We are capable of offering you ideas (we think for ourselves) & know the importance & urgency of quick turnaround time.

Interested in some Ethnic Flair ?!

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Yes We Do Conversationals !

What's our trick? There is no trick. When you use our studio you can work with artists that can actually paint & draw. For example our stylist and head artist Rimma  had worked in the textile department in the Hermitage in Russia restoring antique textiles.  Frederick (besides writing Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design) is also a fine artist.







We can work with you on a concept (even give you a concept if you'd like) and then get the job Done!


You can contact us at....... Design@Origininc.com


 ORIGIN INC. 117-14 Union Trnpk Suite CD2 Kew Gardens NY (15 min. from NYC)

Phone (718) 544-2754

Design Services:

Why are we listing our prices? Because we believe in being open & honest is every aspect of our business. We're artists first & negotiators last (that's why we got into this business in the first place).



Yarn Dyes............$130-250

Original designs.....$475-$1000

Label designs........$300-800

Miini bodies, Presentation boards & Catalog pages:

Solid and Monotones.....................$50 per body

Prints, knits, jaquards, yarn dyes.....$90 per body

Embroidery...............................$75 per body

Composition for presentation board...$30

Custom designed "mood boards".......$350-700

CAD training "Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design" please email Frederick at Design@origininc.com


Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design

For more information click here

 You can e-mail us at   Design@origininc.com  

            Adobe PhotoShop is the foremost design tool for textile design on the market today. Just about any CAD technique that can be achieved for textile design can be executed better and more efficiently by using Adobe PhotoShop. Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design was written to give textile and fashion designers the necessary CAD tools to function in the textile and fashion industries today by using this incredible tool.

   This book will show you techniques for creating color combinations for textiles, color reduction in textiles, repeats, tonal (watercolor) textile designs and simple woven effects all using the Adobe PhotoShop software. With the book we are including a CD ROM with Color charts and textile designs to practice on.

   Everything in this book is explained in a simple uniform manner so that nothing is overwhelming to the beginner and so that the more advanced PhotoShop user can grasp key concepts more quickly.


Textile Design + Adobe Photoshop

 Hey there! It would be nice to offer you something for free. A treat! Since we can't offer you free jelly beans, cookies, balloons etc. You'll just have to be satisfied with a free sample section from our book Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design. Click the picture of the jellybeans above and enjoy!