GIMP for Textile Design

     Welcome to GIMP for Textile Design  (ISBN 978-0-9727317-2-0)

In our book you will discover the joys of creating textile designs using the wonderful (and free!) program GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) Free? Yes free! Too good to be true? Itís true! And yes thatís good!


   The inspiration for this book came from college students I met over the years who couldnít afford to buy expensive software and had urged me to write a book for textile design using the open source program GIMP. Because GIMP was a free program I found that allot of students were using it sort of like a poor mans Photoshop. The more I used and experimented with this program the more I loved it. I soon found that just about every textile design technique that I was using in other programs could also be accomplished in GIMP. Still, I held off writing this book until I felt it was stable enough and had a sufficient amount of features needed to be a fully functioning textile design tool. Starting with version 2.4  I finally felt that GIMP was finally mature enough to make it a viable program.

  The book GIMP for Textile Design is a collection of lessons that will take you from simple textile design techniques to the more advanced design techniques needed to take on the most challenging textile design projects. Everything is explained in a simple uniform manner so that nothing is overwhelming to the textile designer just starting out and so that the more experienced textile designer can grasp key concepts more quickly. 

   GIMP for Textile Design is self published by Origin inc. It's 112 pages of tutorials and is spiral bound for ease of use.  The CD that comes with the book contains practice images that correspond to the lessons in the book. These images include weaves, textile images to color reduce, bodies & objects to photo drape textiles on and 36 pages of color charts so that you can match colors accurately. 

This book was written for Gimp 2.4.6. Even though we tested all the techniques in the book on a Windows computer, GIMP  is a cross platform program so there should be very little difference whether you are working in a PC, MAC or LINUX operating system.



GIMP for Textile Design covers the following subjects:

  • Where to get GIMP (actually you can get it now! go to and click on the appropriate link on the bottom of the page)

  • Setting the preferences for textile design

  • Adjusting the desktop

  • The basic Drawing, Fill and  Selection  tools 

  • Filling with a solid color

  • Erasing with the various selection tools 

  • Filling with the Bucket Fill Tool

  • Basic color reduction in GIMP 

  • Combining colors

  • Changing colors in your textile design

  • Sorting colors  

  • Printing from GIMP 

  • Coloring your design using the color charts on the CD 

  • Copy, Cut and Paste

  • Alpha to Selection 

  • Layer to Image Size 

  • Configure Keyboard Shortcuts 

  • Cleaning your textile design 

  • Color reduction of a tonal textile design (basic) 

  • Repeats

  • Using Copy to make a Temporary Pattern

  • Creating a square repeat using the Offset function

  • Creating a half-drop (Brick) repeat 

  • Creating Plaids 

  • Mini bodies

  • Basic Photo Draping (Texture Mapping)

  • Using the mask tool to make selections 

  • Things you can do with a layer 

  • Reducing a layered design down to indexed color

  • Changing the size and resolution of an image

GIMP for Textile Design front cover

GIMP for Textile Design

by Frederick L Chipkin


We've got plenty of textile images to practice with !  These images (plus much more) are included on the CD !






We even have a section on Photo Draping !



Also on the CD we've included color charts so you can match colors accurately. Why?  Because Textile Design is all about color!

 Textile design color charts


Did you know that I have free GIMP for Textile design classes on YouTube? Free Software=Free Classes. Makes perfect sense!

You can use your own images and color charts or you can purchase the same images and color charts that I use for my online classes right here.

Price 12.00 US Dollars

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After we process your payment we will send you a link to the practice images and color charts. Note: You will have to sign up for a free Mediafire account in order to access the practice images.

Take note that these images are the exact same images and color charts that come with my book "GIMP for Textile Design"

These files can only be accessed online through Mediafire. No hard copy or CD will be mailed to you.

Once I activate your link you will have 10 days to download the practice images. If there are any problems you can always e-mail me at I am a real person here & want you 100% happy & taken care of.




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Price 39.95 US Dollars   GIMP on the Cheap

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GIMP on the Cheap is an PDF version of the book GIMP for Textile design . After we process your payment we will send you a PDF version of GIMP for Textile Design, along with all the practice images and color charts that are on the CD. This is an electronic version of the book no hard copy or CD will be mailed to you.


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The books GIMP for Textile design and Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design (Version CS6) purchased together

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Click the GIMP to see a sample from the book

GIMP for textile design

sample from GIMP for textile design

  Everybody enjoys a free sample!

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"A Total Textile Design Solution"


Adobe Photoshop Textile Design

  "Advanced, Easy to use, Stable and Powerful"

That's why when it comes to design work "Adobe Photoshop" is the industry standard.

 ¨To learn more about using Adobe Photoshop to create textile designs click here

The book "Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design" was designed so you can learn at your own pace and refer back to the lessons easily. Photoshop for textile design was created by an experienced artist for artists and every effort was made to simplify complex tasks so that they are not overwhelming and are easy to absorb.