adobe photoshop for textile design

 Techniques for developing textile designs and creating color and design using Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design is a step by step tutorial this book leads you through in an organized and effective way and leaves you armed with key concepts and versatile techniques so that you have the freedom to experiment and create.


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  The book “ Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design “ is a learning system that teaches how to use Adobe Photoshop to create textile designs. It’s designed as a step by step system so the student is not overwhelmed and the more experienced Photoshop user can grasp Photoshop and textile design concepts and be up and running quickly.  

  Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design was designed so you can learn at your own pace and refer back to the lessons easily. Photoshop for textile design was created by an experienced artist for artists and every effort was made to simplify complex tasks so that they are easy to absorb. 

   The CD that's included with the book is an essential part of the learning system.  The practice images on the CD correspond directly to the lessons in the book. These include weaves, textile images to color reduce and bodies & objects to photo drape textiles on. It also contains 36 pages of color charts so that you can match colors accurately. 

"Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design"   Covers the following subjects: Selection and Fill Tools (basic textile settings), Filling with a solid color, Color reducing a textile design in PhotoShop, Forced color reduction using the Marquee tool, Coloring your textile design, Cleaning a textile design, Editing a design (Copy, Cut and Paste), Square and Half/drop Repeats, Creating a plaid, Mini bodies (placing a textile design into a fashion sketch), Color reduction of a tonal design, Basic Photo draping, How to use the color charts included on the CD, Creating layers with various tools, Adjusting and Tinting layers, Matching colors to a color chart (a must for color accuracy in designing textiles), Pulling colors within a layer, Using Color Range to select a mask, Reducing a layered design down to indexed color (advanced watercolor technique & color reduction of a textile design), Photo Draping using the warp tool, Using Bicubic Interpolation to resample an image (resizing an image), A note about pixels per inch, Placing colors on the Color Table in the order you want, Trapping and Platforming and Fall-ons (oh my!) in textiles

The author of “Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design” Frederick Chipkin has been a textile designer for Liz Claiborne, Bernard Chause, Manager CAD dept I Appel, Owner of Design Society, and most recently the owner of Origin inc. Textile Design studio.

Fredericks career has spanned 20 years in the textile industry. Frederick has earned inclusion in the 2004 through 2006 Editions of Who's Who in America. He is also included in the 2005 and 2006 Edition of Who's Who in the world for pioneering a unique approach in adapting Adobe Photoshop software to the Textile Industry. Besides running his studio Frederick is best known for his book "Adobe PhotoShop for textile design".















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